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Redneck Road Kill Candles....yes, you read it right.

  These candles may look a little unusual with all the green, white, and brown chunks inside, but they do smell good.  In fact, our top seller is the "Essence of Cowhide" which is a wonderful leather scent; "Bar Ditch Delight" which is scented with our most popular forbidden fruit fragrance; and "Fender Flowers" which has the gardenia scent. 


Whatever you sure to read the label:

This here candle was made from the finest ingredients we could find that day!  Ingredients:  Well, I got a lot of stuff in this here jar.  Before you light it, just make sure nothins a movin inside.  If it is, you might auto step away from the thang. 

Have a little fun with your friends with these candles. 

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